3 New Axes Completed

Just completed 3 axes for customers.

Large Type M

The first is a huge Danish Axe that is inspired from an axe in the Historical Museum in Stockholm.

The blade is 10.5″ (26,7 cm) from the toe to the heel of the blade.  In spite of it’s aggressive distal taper, it weighs a bone crushing 1260 grams (2.8 pounds).

It features my usual construction: mild steel eye socket and body with 1080 high carbon steel edge.  I had to ship this axe to Sweden, so the haft (made of ash) was not fitted to the head to save on shipping cost.





Small Type M

I received a request to make another small Danish axe like the one I made in March 2016.  I won’t go into much detail because other than a few minor differences that resulted from hand forging, it is basically the same as the previous Small Type M.  This seems to be a popular axe.  I am considering doing a semi-custom version of it.





Large Bearded Axe

I had a request to do a larger version of the Bearded Axe from Uppsala I completed in February 2016.  This axe features a blade that is 5.5″ from heel to toe.  Like the smaller version, it has a wedged shaped distal taper which makes it into a wicked cutter.  Like the small type M, this axe seems to be quite popular.  I will look into doing a semi-custom version of this axe too.





Here is a picture of the three axes when I was test fitting the hafts.  It provides a good side-by-side comparison:

Axe comparison

If you are interested in more information about any of these axes, please contact me at eric@crownforge.net.



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Eric McHugh

Crown Forge Custom Blade Art by Eric McHugh

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