Oakeshott Type XVI Arming Sword


The original sword from France

This 14th century sword is inspired by a sword in France.  I have not documented the original, so this sword is based solely on my interpretation of the original.  It features a forged 80CRV2 blade, mild steel guard, and bronze pommel.  The blade was heat-treated in a PID controlled, high-temperature salt bath. The salt bath allows for a very precise control of the high-treat process.  The guard, pommel, and grip were mounted to the blade using traditional techniques.  The grip color is dark brown.


Overall Length: 97,47 cm (38.375″)
Blade Length: 81,28 cm (32″)
Blade Width (at guard): 5,04 cm (1.985″)
Center of Balance (from guard): 11,75 cm (4.625″)
Center of Percussion (from guard): 51,44 cm (20.25″)
Weight: 1166 grams (2.57 lbs.)
Guard: Mild steel
Pommel: Bronze
Grip Color: Dark Brown
Blade Steel: 80CRV2

SOLD: $1855 USD (includes domestic US shipping)

Note: I can make a historically accurate scabbard for this sword for an additional price.

If you are interested in purchasing this sword, contact me at eric@crownforge.net 

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Eric McHugh

Crown Forge Custom Blade Art by Eric McHugh

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