Towton Rondel Long Dagger


This long dagger draws its inspiration from a number of long rondel daggers from the Royal Armouries in Leeds. These daggers would fit into the time period surrounding the epic Battle of Towton during the War of the Roses (House Lancaster vs. House York).

Two examples from the Royal Armouries, Leeds UK:








These long rondel daggers were common on the 15th century battlefield. They were often the weapons of archers and foot soldiers.

This recreation features a hand forged, hollow-ground blade made of 1080 high carbon steel. The octogonal rondels are sandwiched together and made from mild steel.  They are hollow to reduce the weight of the dagger. Rivets were used to join the plates together.  The hilt is peened together to secure the rondels and grip to the blade.  The grip is walnut burl.

The leather sheath has a leather core which was covered in calfskin. The sheath was dyed medium brown with leather stain, and features incised decorative lines on the front.  The chevron pattern mimics the kind of simple leather work that was done by soldiers to pass the time between battles. The bottom of the sheath is covered with a bronze chape with decorative filework. The style and shape draws its inspiration from a number of period examples.


Overall length: 26.75″ (67,95 cm)
Blade length: 21.25″ (54,0 cm)
Blade width: 1.0″ (2,54 cm)
Length of grip: 4.25″ (10,8 cm)
Weight: Dagger/Sheath 22.5 oz. (638 grams); Dagger 17.4 oz. (493 grams)
Blade Material: 1080 high carbon steel
Hilt Material: 1018 mild steel
Grip Material: Walnut Burl
Sheath: Leather core with calfskin cover and suspension strap. Bronze chape with decorative filework.

PRICE: $1,237.00 USD (plus shipping) $1137.00 USD (Domestic US shipping included)

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Crown Forge Custom Blade Art by Eric McHugh

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