Oakeshott Type XVa Longsword


This 15th century Type XVa longsword is inspired by swords from the Castillon find as well as other contemporary 15th century examples. It features an iconic guard with down turned ends, and a faceted pommel. The peen has been forged and then shaped to create a small rivet block at the top of the pommel.  The blade has a pleasing distal taper that ends with a reinforced thrusting tip (a detail often seen on period originals).  This type of blade is often incorrectly viewed as a “thrusting only” blade. In spite of its rapid profile taper, the edge on this blade is paper cutting sharp.


Overall Length = 44.7″ (113,0 cm)
Blade Length = 35.6″ (90,3 cm)
Blade Width = 1.93″ (4,9 cm)
Weight = 3 pounds 2 oz (1424 grams)
Point of Balance = 3.75″ (9,5 cm)
Center of Percussion = 22.75″ (57,8 cm )
Steel = 1075 blade, mild steel fittings
Grip Color: Black

Contact me at eric@crownforge.net if you are interested in purchasing this sword.

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Photos: Michael Gard Photography

Published by

Eric McHugh

Crown Forge Custom Blade Art by Eric McHugh

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