15th Century Rondel Long Dagger – SOLD


A rondel long dagger in the style of 15th century military daggers. The blade is hollow-ground and made from hand forged 1080 high carbon steel. The mild steel fittings are based on a number of examples in the Royal Armoury at Leeds. The grip is hand polished ebony.


This dagger features a number of period specific details:

  • Hollow, octagonal discs that are riveted together
  • Decorative rivet finials on the pommel disc
  • Blended peen on a spherical rivet block
  • Stout, hollow-ground blade with reinforced tip

Photo Gallery:


Overall length: 26.7″ (67,9 cm)
Blade length: 21.18″ (53,8 cm)
Blade width: 1.01″ (2,57 cm)
Length of grip: 4.2″ (10,9 cm)
Weight: 17.9 oz. (507 grams)
Blade Material: 1080 high carbon steel
Hilt Material: 1018 mild steel
Grip Material: Ebony

If you are interested in purchasing this dagger, contact me at eric@crownforge.net or ericmycue374@comcast.net.

Note: The crafting of a simple period appropriate sheath for this dagger is included in the price of this piece.

Published by

Eric McHugh

Crown Forge Custom Blade Art by Eric McHugh

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