Update: What have I been doing?

As some of you may know, when I am not making things in my shop, I am a union boilermaker in NW Indiana.  Recently, I took a job at a local steel mill, so that explains the lack of updates on my blog.  I have, however, managed to get some time off to work in the shop, so I thought I’d give a short update on what is in the works.

Hand polishing is always fun…or not!  I took a commission for a Gladius Hispaniensis with a hollow ground blade.  The blade is about 26″ (66,0 cm) long, and features shallow, hollow ground bevels.  I have a few more grits to go, but it is nearly finished, and then it will be time for the hilt furniture.  More pictures to follow.

polishing hispaniensis

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Eric McHugh

Crown Forge Custom Blade Art by Eric McHugh

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