Customer Response to Danish Axe

I received some great comments from Michael Ruhala who was the fellow that commissioned the recently complete Danish axe that was inspired by the Kirkkomäki grave 37 find.  Michael is a competitive swordsman who likes to practice with a variety of ancient weapons:


Hi Eric,

The axe arrived in fine shape and let me say this, it is a superb weapon! The weight, shape and proportion of the head is everything I hoped for. The handle is also noteworthy, its taper, cross section and smooth finish are as pleasing to the eye as they are comfortable in the hand. Taken as a whole the weapon is very well balanced, the weight of the blade combined with the rounded rectangular cross section of the handle make indexing and edge alignment practically automatic. According to my digital scale it weighs exactly 3lbs and the point of balance is about 8 inches below the eye, equidistant between the head and where I place my left hand in most guards. This makes for an agile weapon that can recover quickly even from a fully committed swing. Strikes with the handle are really fun because the head acts as a counterweight adding speed and force to blunt attacks. I’m mostly known as a swordsman but the axe has always had a special place in my heart, this one is the new centerpiece of my collection and I look forward to really putting it through its paces over the coming months.


It was a pleasure making this axe for Michael.  He provided good input into the design of the axe head, and was very patient when I had restarts and delays.

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