WIP Bearded Axe

bearded axe husbyborg

I’m getting ready to polish a small bearded axe that is inspired by an axe that I documented with Swordsmith Peter Johnsson in Uppsala, Sweden.

We were drawn to this axe because of it’s elegant lines, and stout shape.  While it’s profile makes it look like a thin axe, when viewed from the top, it is clear that this axe is all business.  The body is nearly wedge shaped.

bearded axe husbyborg top

The body and socket are 1018 and the bit is 1080.  Blade width is 4.75″ (12,1 cm) from tip-to-tip.  It is 6.25″ (15,9 cm) long.

Published by

Eric McHugh

Crown Forge Custom Blade Art by Eric McHugh

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